Divorce Assistance in Canada

There is no reason to take divorce lightly, especially if it is the end of a marriage that lasted for many years and included many happy times. Sometimes it is tough to admit that you are struggling to deal with the end of your marriage. This is a time for grieving, but it is also the moment when so many crucial decisions are made. Where will your kids live? How will you split assets? Will you owe or receive any child support? It is impossible to deal with all of this and manage your personal life without a lawyer’s assistance.

Is it Necessary to Use an Attorney to File for Divorce in Canada?

Yes. It is 100 percent necessary to consult with an attorney and have them represent you if you want to file for divorce in Canada. Even the limited number of separations and divorces that are completely amicable require some form of legal representation. If anything, you need a lawyer to ensure all the forms are filled out correctly and that both parties’ rights are represented.

In more complex cases, there are so many factors where you need a lawyer in order to get your best interests looked after. For example, you cannot get adequate child support or spousal support without an attorney. Even child custody cases require a lot of legal work in order to get you the settlement you want.

We have a group of lawyers who have dedicated their lives to the area of family law. We only want what is best for our clients. Every second we are working on your case; we are working for your interests. This ensures that we are the ones doing the heavy lifting, while you can take the time to grieve and think about moving on with your life after your divorce is finalized.

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There is no reason for shame or embarrassment if you need a divorce lawyer. Many people are ashamed to admit that their marriage is not working. However, it is worse to stay in a marriage that is not pleasant anymore. In addition, you do not want to lose out on your rights because you “took the high road” and did not get a lawyer.

Lawyers are not there to help you get back at your spouse. We are a legal recourse that helps you protect your rights, whether you need child support, want full custody of your child, or simply want your marriage to be over as soon as possible. With our help, you have a lot less to worry about when it comes to divorce proceedings, because we take care of all the major issues. Contact our offices for a free consultation today. We have reasonable rates and some of the best family lawyers in Ottawa.

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