How to Get an Annulment in Canada?

There are a few possibilities for couples to get their marriage annulled in Canada. For the most part, annulments also end any financial responsibility from one party to the other. However, this decision does not include child support, which is still applicable even if the law declares you were never married.

In order to get an annulment, you have to prove a specific set of circumstance. There are a few conditions that must be met 100 percent, otherwise an annulment is impossible. The only way you can know whether an annulment will work is by consulting an experienced family lawyer.

Here is a look at some of the grounds for an annulment in Canada:

  •  If one spouse is already married but did not tell the other spouse.
  •  If one spouse participated in a marriage ceremony under false pretenses. For example, they might hav been tricked because they do not know the language.
  •  If one spouse was not in their right mind from a mental standpoint when the marriage took place.
  •  If one spouse was so heavily intoxicated during the marriage ceremony that their consent was not possible.
  •  If the marriage was performed under duress or other fraudulent circumstances.
  •  If one spouse was under 18 and did not have any consent from their parents.
  •  If the marriage was not consummated for a physical, emotional or other reason that one or both parties did not know about going into the marriage.

Another factor that helps people get an annulment is the length of a marriage. For example, a couple that is only married for two weeks might want an annulment. Even if they do not meet the specific conditions above, they could be granted one because of the unique circumstances.

Marriages annulled because of religion are not recognized in Canada.

If you require assistance with an annulment, you must speak with an attorney. Our attorneys know the law inside and out as it pertains to annulments and divorces. Your attorney can assist you in making the right kind of case to get an annulment, usually with the support of the other side. It is difficult to get an annulment if one side does not agree, especially if you cannot prove one of the annulment conditions was met.

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